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The asset management process begins with a deep dive of the competitive market of the hotel. We review and benchmark financial performance, labor productivity, sales and marketing strategies, return of investment, business opportunities, conduct SWOT analysis and hotel USP.  From this extensive audit, we develop a forward-focused plan with measurable value enhancement initiatives to maximize asset returns.

The main objective of asset management is to maximize the potential value of the hotel through continuous advisory and financial studies.


  • Review hotel management/ franchise contract

  • Analysis of the present asset value and what added value needed to get to the new target.

  • Contracts negotiations 

  • Strategic plan to keep the property versus sell or lease

  • Real Estate development strategy and advisory services (valuation, due diligence entry/exit, partnerships, etc…)

  • Return analysis 

  • Increase revPAR Performance

  • Improve Hotel Profitability

  • Renegotiating Property Improvement Plan

  • Evaluated and implemented changes to the F&B operating model

  • Reposition the food & beverage concept and transitioned the lease arrangement to hotel operations

  • Renegotiated more favorable contract terms with a number of hotel vendors to achieve cost savings

  • Conduct a deep dive analysis into the hotel competitive set.









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