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Hotel Exterior

Hotel Positioning & Branding

Successful repositioning is something more than just a new image for the hotel . Repositioning is not a face-lift, it is a change of concept at all levels: investment, management and marketing. If you want to give new life to a hotel, it is necessary to study the risks that exist when implementing this process, as well as to know the attributes that can enhance the hotel and place it at a competitive level.

Adding value through repositioning has been a constant component of our strategies to improve return on investment. Based on our client's goals, we provide the necessary research to assist in the decision making phases, developing a hospitality repositioning plan, and then executing the strategy, whether it be a complete re-branding or simply a light refurbishment.we perfectly understand how renovation works can affect hotel business and impact your cash flows. Therefore, we will always seek the most effective solutions to your hotel, through thoughtful planning, that will minimize your displacement cost while preserving your guests satisfaction.



  • Competition Analysis

  • Present market segment and future one analysis.

  • Recommended improvements

  • Renovation Expenses if required

  • Budget and forecast 

  • Cost analysis

  • re-brand impact 

  • Quality audits

  • Operating results

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